M!A: 6/8


I’ve already recorded all of the asks for the m!a, so pea don’t send any more 2p specific ones in, because I’ll either have to wait until another 2p m!a or just delete them;;}

M!A: 5/8

M!A: 4/8

M!A: 3/8

((I thought that first bit said “make up tutorial for butts”. I like that idea of a live QandA!))

{im tempted to try and make my face look like a butt tbh

but yeah man i think i’ll do that-}


im f ucking

thank you so fuckin much i never thought i’d get past 100 and h er e i am and i have no idea why you’re all following me im such a nerd w ow

nnnnnnn thank you all so much im sorry im not good with words;;}

{hello yes im suddenly 2 from 1000

i was gonna ctually properly record and edit my make up tutorial buttt idk if thats a lame idea after all

sooo i was wondering if you guys wanted me to do a live Q&A? like answering questions both ic and ooc??? i cant do the accent tho so you’ll have to deal with a london accent oops

yeah lemme know what you think uvu}

{woah shit what im 5 from 1000}

M!A: 2/8